Catalogs, Etc.

Some of the advertising used over the years by the model kit companies is almost as interesting as the kits themselves. Catalogs, store banners, box art paintings, etc. have become a form of American Folk Art over the years. Dismissed in their day by most legitimate artists, the artwork has become something of a window into American culture of the past.

Monogram 1950's Christmas store banners
Monogram in-store Christmas banners

crashmobile.jpg (33257 bytes) Photo0~1.jpg (53790 bytes) Futura2.jpg (58454 bytes) amtrevbans.jpg (40059 bytes) hotrodposter.JPG (26941 bytes) monosign.jpg (37413 bytes) ferrbanner.JPG (32356 bytes) All SOLD
Hobby store banners and signs

wpe1.jpg (17514 bytes) taketrip.jpg (45991 bytes)
Uncut model kit boxes (aka "wraps")

acecat.jpg (48756 bytes) amtvintcats.jpg (40473 bytes) aurcats2.jpg (35321 bytes) ertlcats.jpg (35681 bytes) imccats.jpg (34709 bytes) 55revcat.jpg (34186 bytes) monocats.jpg (38161 bytes)  lindcats.jpg.jpg (34797 bytes) jocats.jpg (42335 bytes) palmcats.jpg (33368 bytes) rencat.jpg (36042 bytes) testcat.jpg (34827 bytes) lifelike.jpg (34290 bytes) mpccats.jpg (32326 bytes) 55pville1.JPG (34541 bytes)
Various model kit company catalogs from the '50s-'80s

deorasheets.jpg (44356 bytes) diosheets.jpg (45244 bytes) dunesheets.jpg (23035 bytes) ertlsheets.jpg (34075 bytes) fcsheets.jpg (27004 bytes) amtsnappy.jpg (36529 bytes) craftsman.jpg (37576 bytes) indysheets.jpg (27630 bytes) amt60sposters.jpg (32045 bytes) ahrenssheet.jpg (45055 bytes) phaetonsheet.jpg (29511 bytes) racesheets.jpg (43224 bytes) rodheets.jpg (51310 bytes) showsheets.jpg (40222 bytes) 37chevyad.jpg (43652 bytes)

Single Sell Sheets used by sales reps and distributors

Promotional photos for 1950s Revell car kits

revellghosts.jpg (22135 bytes)

3 Revell figure kits that never saw the light of day. If it had been produced, I imagine the Prince Valiant kit would be worth some bucks today. 

Two protytpe boxes never used.59caddy.jpg (31107 bytes) SOLD     kittyhawk.jpg (36384 bytes) mrgasser.jpg (34329 bytes) SOLD ratfink.jpg (32786 bytes) SOLD

Various catalog and box art paintings

superfuzz.jpg (36806 bytes) -SOLD

An extraordinary boxart painting. Done by Stan "Mouse" Miller, who became famous in the late '60s for his rock concert posters, most notably those for Bill Grahams Fillmore East and West venues. This rather large painting of Superfuzz, from the Fred Flypogger series by Monogram, is oil on canvas stretcher. The flyer in the bottom lefthand corner is an announcement for a Fred Flypogger contest from 1965.

sandshark.JPG (21162 bytes) SOLD

Tom Daniels original sketch proposal for the Sandshark. He suggested this kit to Monogram as an update to the Dog Catcher. You can just barely read the "T.D.'75" under the front end of the car.

comps.jpg (39333 bytes) SOLD 

Pre-production Composite boxes used for the Toy and Hobby Shows

autoworld.jpg (116957 bytes) carmod2.jpg (94127 bytes) rodcust.jpg (115684 bytes) trade.jpg (88994 bytes)

Early model magazines and trade publications from the "Golden Age" (late 1940s-early 1970s)

bullseye.jpg (47690 bytes)

The prototype box and decal sheet for the original version of the #90 T-bird combo. The Bullseye car was eventually replaced with another car due to licensing problems.This item is for sale. Price $100. Inquire for details.

50sshowcars.jpg (32574 bytes) 60sshowcars.jpg (32459 bytes)

A sampling of literature from some of the fabulous Dreamcars of the '50s and '60s.

riggs54.jpg (18783 bytes)

An airbrushed sketch done at Ford Motor Company. It appears to be some sort of dreamcar with obvious elements of Ford cars yet to come. It's dated July 2,1954.The sketch was found under a chest of drawers at the house of a designer who worked at Ford during the 1950s. He had just discarded a box of drawings the week before and this one had been overlooked. What a pity! 

boxflats.jpg (34297 bytes)

Some favorite boxcovers from the '50s

rothmobile.jpg (23722 bytes)

Ed Roth cardboard display mobile from the mid-'60s- SOLD

boatart.jpg (36038 bytes)

Evolution of a box design. The 3 color sketches show various ideas considered before the final box art was chosen for this 1950s Monogram kit.

amtturnpike.jpg (21768 bytes)

Some of you may remember this paperwork from the AMT Turnpike Slot Car racing set ca.1962.

natlamp2.jpg (32380 bytes) natlamp3.jpg (31229 bytes) natlamp1.jpg (28761 bytes)

The classic, hilarious article from National Lampoon, October 1974, entitled FIRST MODEL CARS. The conversion '57 Ford was apparently built by Alan Rose and Marc Arceneaux. Great modeling! I wonder what ever happened to them?

starenvelope.JPG (16914 bytes) SOLD

An 8 1/2" x 11" envelope from the Darryl Starbird Studios. I would guess he was using these fairly early in his career.

amtletter1.JPG (21829 bytes) amtletter2.JPG (24304 bytes)

A letter I received from Budd Anderson at AMT back in the early 1960s. He was responding to my request for some sheet plastic.