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(ours, to be exact!)

Most people are aware that museums generally don’t make a profit, but did you know that some museums actually lose money?  Tons of it?

 Because our museum lost so much money (we were not a Not-For-Profit organization, even though we never came close to making a profit), we thought we’d give those generous folks out there an opportunity to show their appreciation of our efforts. And to those who did, we'd like to show our appreciation.

A list of our “Friends of the Museum” is displayed on this page, so you can brag to all your friends that you were a bonafide SUPPORTER OF THE ARTS!

Meanwhile, all your help really was much appreciated.  

                                                                                               Dean Milano

                                                                                      Owner and Curator

                                                              The Milano Model & Toy Museum

$100 or more            $50                        $10                                   

Tim Boyd                    Luc Janssens           Chris Bourbonnais

Gerry Paquette                                        Michael W. Magiera

Fred Cady                                                Thomas McIntosh

Our sincerest thank you to the following individuals for their generous contributions of time, expertise, talents and useful objects to the museum.

 Without their help and generosity, none of this would have been possible.

Donald Anderson           Mike and Bill Bacarella        Susan, Nicki and Christy Balistreri       Sherry Baloun            

Tom Beauchamp          Brad & Lauren Bilotta          Neil Bremer                                       William Carreon

Karen Clausing            Tom Coolidge                      David Darby                                       Jeff Francik                                    

Tom Gauss                 Peter Gitzel                        David Gohman                                    Mary Ann Gorsky     

Steve Haines               Robert Hoover                    Gerry Humbert                                    Mat Irvine             

Andrew Jugle              Sherry & Travis Jirik            Kim & Marty Kane                               Gary, Pat, Glenn & Neil Kulas                          

Paul Kolasinski          Joseph Kompare                 Ken Kraweic                                       James LaCoco                   

William, Mat & Chris Lastovich                             Georgy Liddle                                     Tom Montgomery    

Ronn Pittman             Nicholas, Maxine, Mark, Steven and Phillip Milano                          Gary Schmidt                                            

Bob Shelton              Okey Spaulding                  Joseph Sojka, Jr.                               Katy Souter           

Jonathan Tinio           Robert Wozniak                Chuck Zenkus                                    James Zientara       

Motor City Resin        Scale Motorsport               Revell-Monogram, LLC                         Scaleautomobilia of Australia/Andy Douglas    

R & D Unique Resin Model kits/ Dave VanderWal                                                         Collectible Automobile magazine/ Damon Bell      

Hobby Heaven/ Tom Carter                 Chrometech Chromeplating Service/ Robert Shebilskie                                             

C.A.R.S. in Miniature model car club                


And of course, my wife, Gay, who helped me realize my dream of 25 years.

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