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Here's a few tidbits for all the Aurora model kit fans:

dungnpic.jpg (47506 bytes)dungnpts.jpg (58052 bytes)pitparts.jpg (50270 bytes)pitprint1.jpg (23040 bytes)dracpic.jpg (44602 bytes)lostpics.jpg (40300 bytes)

This is the infamous "Lost Kit", tooled up in 1971 for the Monster Scenes series and never released. It is actually a combination of two kits (according to my conversations with a very helpful Andy Yanchus), the Animal Pit and the Dungeon. There are about 75 pieces total (some of which I'm not exactly sure what they are or where they go).

The 5th photo in the series above shows part of the diorama scene pictured on the boxart of the Dracula Monster Scenes kit. Dracula was given two sets of legs in that kit, one which was to be used in conjunction with the spiral staircase in the Animal Pit diorama. It would have allowed him to be built in a "descending the staircase" pose.

The 6th Photo is of the box art paintings which were created, but of course never used.

lostkit1.jpg (64441 bytes)lostkit2.jpg (35906 bytes)lostkit3.jpg (38865 bytes)lostkit4.jpg (35868 bytes)lostkit5.jpg (31149 bytes) And finally, the finished kits. Dracula, of course would not have been included in either of the two kits, but I thought he should be included here since the dioramas were  originally designed for him and his other playmates.

2alfs.jpg (17032 bytes)

An interesting comparison of an early Alfred E. Neuman prototype built-up (right) and the actual production piece (left). Notice the difference in the shape of the head and torso.


greenknight.jpg (21535 bytes)  Another of the 'Lost " Aurora kits, the Green Knight was never produced.

riddler.jpg (13977 bytes)

Had it been produced, the Aurora Riddler kit would have looked like this.

swiss.jpg (17416 bytes)

The Swiss Guy and Gal kits that never made it into production.

double.jpg (21847 bytes)

The Double Play that would never see the light of day

aurorademos.jpg (13179 bytes)

This '50 Buick and '57 Mercury would have been follow-ups to the '56 Ford in the 1/32nd scale Demolition Derby Series.

mrspock1.jpg (15618 bytes)

Mr. Spock on the engineering deck. I personally would have found this pose more interesting but Aurora opted for more of an "action" pose instead. (Aurora produced the "Spock with Snakes" kit but only distributed it in England. AMT Co. distributed it in the U.S.)

superman1.jpg (19197 bytes) superman2.jpg (15860 bytes) superman3.jpg (13216 bytes)

Three Superman poses that were rejected in favor of the "breaking through the wall" pose that was eventually used. You vote for your favorite.

batcopter.jpg (17143 bytes)

They made a Batmobile, a Batplane and a Batcycle, but the Batcopter somehow never took off.

rack.jpg (23477 bytes)

Part of the Torture Devices series, the Rack got scratched when Nabisco bought the company in the 1970s.

lostspace.jpg (19924 bytes)

A couple of Lost in Space proposals that kind of got lost...in space.

echair11.jpg (19291 bytes)

Another cute idea that didn't make it, from those fun-loving folks at Aurora - the Electric Chair kit.

aurtemp.jpg (18599 bytes)

Not really a kit, but an item that never made it into production just the same.

alum1.jpg (17069 bytes) alum2.jpg (16715 bytes)

This kit was called the ALUMINAUT and there was apparently some sort of tie-in with Reynolds Aluminum. The kit would have been the companion to the Sealab III. It had a full interior with a clear cover much like the Sealab kit. Use this link to check out the real thing. http://www.smv.org/info/aluminautex.htm

bond.jpg (15243 bytes) bond2.jpg (17674 bytes)

Aurora came out with the James Bond and Odd Job kits, but they didn't end up looking quite like these original proposals.

ghost.jpg (18246 bytes)

A "ghost" model in the truest sense of the word, this is what Carl Casper's Ghost would have looked like.

hardybus.jpg (22659 bytes)

The Hardy Boys bus with figures. This would have been a great basis for all kinds of bus conversions had it been produced.

superlum.jpg (30639 bytes) During the early 1990s, Monogram reissued several Aurora figure kits in their Luminator "Glow in the Dark" series. Superman was announced as part of the series, but after poor sales of the initial kits in the line, Superman was cancelled before production began. Only the sell sheet and this test shot remain. -SOLD

Uncut box wraps

There are many car, plane, and boat kits that never made it to production. If a Sea Ray Yacht for sale kit were to ever come out, it would probably be more popular with adults than with kids.