Beer & Pop stuff

Since my Beer and Soda Pop memorabilia seems to have outgrown the Toy Museum page, I thought I'd create a page dedicated to beverage stuff.

skatefireclock.JPG (15145 bytes) The Hamm's skating bear display.

starrydaynite.JPG (26069 bytes) The Hamm's Day & Night clock alongside the Starry Night sign.

Photo015.jpg (33581 bytes) The Pabst locomotive motion sign, and various other clocks.

barcar.jpg (19655 bytes) The Pabst moving car barback display.

 cokemachines.jpg (18846 bytes) A series of Coke Machine radios (Hmmm, where'd the Pepsi Machine come from?)

toy.ht4.jpg (45720 bytes) Some favorite beer and pop advertising items.

Vessdi1.jpg (36811 bytes) More soda pop advertising.

hammpond.jpg (26978 bytes) The Hamm's bear on the pond lighted/motion display.

oertels.jpg (21334 bytes) A beautiful Oertels '92 Beer display.

pabstarm.jpg (21994 bytes)

pabstsingers.jpg (27265 bytes) pabstboxer.JPG (36901 bytes) Three Pabst Beer displays

oldmilw.jpg (26228 bytes) An Old Milwaukee Beer display from the early 1960s- SOLD

tomcollins.jpg (38333 bytes) A Tom Collins, Jr. Soda Pop Display- SOLD

strohdisplay.jpg (30548 bytes) Strohs Beer Truck display from the '70s- SOLD

b1dis1.jpg (25325 bytes) b1dis2.jpg (27196 bytes) Two beautful B-1 pop displays

7uptopper.JPG (41370 bytes) coke_case.JPG (39594 bytes) moxie.jpg (24772 bytes) Various soda pop items from our museum display

1960's Coke bottle topper

Mason's Root Beer store display

Assorted bottle toppers

  Betty Boop in space.

Advertisement for Cascade Beverages