Dean Street showcases some of my diorama work. An 15' X 5' street scene features houses that were built in the 1920s in order to display a line of diecast Tootsietoy furniture. Also shown here are four of the six cardboard dioramas I helped design  for the Revell-Monogram Route 66 series released in 1997-98.

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The built-up cardboard diorama buildings from the Revell-Monogram Route 66 Highway Scenes series. Nick's Drive-in actually utilizes two combined kits(Nick's was named for my father). The various cars are from my collection.

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A section of the 15' X 5' diorama in my museum. The Texaco station is by Buddy L, the houses are Tootsietoy display items, the OK used car lot was built by myself and the trucks and cars are diecast and plastic.

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H.O. scale structures and vehicles

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The 1913 Model T Ford Smithsonian Institute Diorama kit by Tonka from the mid 1970s. The Gunze-Sanyo Karhmann Ghia does not come with the kit, but a very nice 1/25th scale 1913 Model T Ford does.

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The Taco Bell diorama that might have been had a certain fast-food restaurant followed through with their licensing agreement- This group is for sale. Price $400. Inquire for details.

From the Winter 2010 issue of the Society for Commercial Archeology News.

From the May-June 2013 issue of Playset magazine.