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Dollhouses & Shops

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This page features dollhouses and shops made of tin, wood, plastic and cardboard. There is however, some overlap with the Playsets page, so if you're interested in this type of toy, be sure to check out the Playsets page also.


bluedollhouse.JPG (26798 bytes) A two story tin house by Marx. This house is interesting in that it appears to have been in a photograph with Louis Marx himself. There's a picture of Mr. Marx in a showroom, probably at the Marx plant, and hanging on the wall behind him is a dollhouse with a number tag on it. If you look at the picture of the house I have, you will see that the colors have faded and the house was originally a brighter blue color which shows between the upper story windows. When I received this house, there was a paper number tag taped to the metal between the windows and the number matched a number on a tag taped to the house in the picture with Mr. Marx. It looks to be the very same house.-- SOLD

austhouse.JPG (23490 bytes)


A nice ranch style tin dollhouse from England, probably Mettoy.- SOLD

britbakery.JPG (34460 bytes) A wooden bakery shop of British origin.-  SOLD

brithouse.JPG (32958 bytes) Another British tin dollhouse, this one made by Marx and sold only in Britain.-

candystore.JPG (32893 bytes) A wooden candy shop, probably from England-.

cardgroc.jpg (44592 bytes) A neat little cardboard grocery store from the 1950s.

dreamhouse.JPG (30531 bytes) Debbies Dream House, probably from the late 1960s. -SOLD

germgroc.jpg (32647 bytes) A wooden grocery store from Germany. -

goshopping.JPG (17254 bytes) A nifty little fold-out cardboard shopping center from the 1950s that comes in a book format.- This item is for sale. Price $100. Inquire for details.

happigroc.JPG (44789 bytes) The Happi-Time cardboard grocery store. This is only a portion of the actual toy as it is too big to fit in our display case fully built. -

A Fuch's German gorcery store from the 1950s.-

  magichouse.JPG (15549 bytes) The Mary Magic Powrs Dollhouse which is actually very similar to the Thimble City playsets. The figures are moved around by magnetic wands placed under its table format.- SOLD

metaldrug.JPG (42192 bytes) The Wolverine Drugstore

metalgroc.JPG (44050 bytes) The Wolverine Grocery store playset.

playette.jpg (30358 bytes) The Playette theatre playset. I added the Marx figures on the stage. - SOLD.

smallranch.JPG (39372 bytes) A small tin ranch house by Wolverine. SOLD

splitlevel2.jpg (32817 bytes) splitlevel1.jpg (28144 bytes) A split level house by Marx.  SOLD

biltdeco.jpg (29604 bytes) A cardboard Art Deco style dollhouse by Bilt-Rite. SOLD

lgranch2.jpg (25430 bytes) lgranch1.jpg (24225 bytes) The large tin ranch house by Marx. SOLD

rexall.jpg (34978 bytes) A cardboard promotional item from Rexall Drugs. This item is for sale.SOLD

marxjbhouse.JPG (36500 bytes) One of the really large MARX dollhouses with the add-on recreation room that included the rare jukebox and milkbar pieces.- SOLD

ma-delset.JPG (43490 bytes) Not really your typical dollhouse, but with the Ma-Del building set, you could create your own dollhouse in one of many popular styles from the 1950s.- SOLD

A very nice Marx Colonial, probably from the early 1960s (Courtesy Sharon Klein)

A large scale miniature bakery

Tin dollhouse, probably Wolverine from the 1960s. (Courtesy Sharon Klein)

Tin dollhouse

A punch out shop- Campbell's Foods premium.