Here it is now! My latest completed project! I have to admit, it's always  great to finish one more piece on my long, long list of projects. Whether it be building a new model kit or restoring an old toy or store display, it's always a great feeling of accomplishment.


1956 Cadillac Eldorado- S.C.Miller slush cast resin body based on an original 1/25th scale Banthrico pot metal bank. This model involved a lot of work, and as I always say- if you're going to build a tough resin kit, you'd better really like the subject matter. I had to clean out the inside of the body, cut out the windows, remove a large horizontal lump across the trunk, which didn't belong there, had to scratchbuild an interior, fit front and rear glass, put together wheels and chassis and do an awful lot of sanding and filling. It came out decent, but it could've been better.


1970 Monte Carlo- AMT 1/25th scale kit. Built pretty much straight out of the box. Painted with Tamiya Maroon spray can.






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