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The Toy Museum contains artifacts which some folks may not consider "toys", (i.e., advertising memorabilia, clocks, radios, etc.) but in todays collector world the definition of the word "toys" seems to be rapidly changing.

(The items with prices marked next to them are for sale, the others are not)

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Animated clocks and radios

moreradios.jpg (11884 bytes) photo017.jpg (40379 bytes) smithclock.JPG (49262 bytes) -SOLD churchclock.JPG (22326 bytes) -SOLD swingclock.JPG (10040 bytes) skatefireclock.JPG (10528 bytes)   The1950s Seth Thomas clock that hung on our living room wall for many years.                            

Assorted toys and My Merry shops  

 mymerr1.jpg (114810 bytes) mymerry1-1.jpg (44537 bytes) mymerry2-2.jpg (38097 bytes) mymerry3-3.jpg (34162 bytes) mymerry4-4.jpg (44944 bytes) mymerry5-5.jpg (38887 bytes)

Toy Ferris wheel from the '64 World's Fair- SOLD

  ferristoy.jpg (26708 bytes)

photo025.jpg (53286 bytes) allfigs.jpg (51552 bytes)

 Automotive boardgames

boardgame.jpg (41830 bytes)  

cartravel.jpg (26711 bytes) - SOLD

alltravel.jpg (23711 bytes) -Sold

scracelg.jpg (42211 bytes) -Sold

skilldrive.jpg (46264 bytes)  carsgame.jpg (40446 bytes) Sold

The Driver Ed game-  Sold

Assembly Line- Sold

The Driving Test toy - SOLD

Assorted games


Gas Station Road maps

flyinga2.jpg (30829 bytes)    gulfmaps.jpg (39023 bytes)       philmaps.jpg (23971 bytes)      citiesmap.jpg (29727 bytes)                 skellymaps.jpg (30797 bytes)

Flying 'A'             Gulf             Phillips 66                Cities Service      Skelly

match1.jpg (57433 bytes) Transportation matchbooks

adsigns.jpg (40479 bytes) SOLD gilette.jpg (26343 bytes) - SOLD gumbox.jpg (23470 bytes) SOLD  Bing Crosby ice cream  refrig.jpg (22504 bytes) GE Refrigerator display- SOLD Borden's tablecloth 

  3-D display for medical supplies

hammond.jpg (31527 bytes) The Hammond Happiness Home display- SOLD

 speedycamera2.jpg (25420 bytes) Speedy!

amsco.jpg (36142 bytes) SOLD

supervalu.jpg (51879 bytes) - SOLD

campstore.jpg (40685 bytes) -SOLD

hawes2.jpg (43235 bytes) minimart.jpg (37122 bytes) 

From grocery stores to supermarkets to mini-marts, playsets from the 1940s through the '90s. The scene on the far right is from Barbie playsets. It's amazing what you can do with a little paint and some imagination (maybe Mr. Neuman wouldn't agree).

circus.jpg (30670 bytes) wildwest.jpg (32048 bytes) admiral.jpg (37237 bytes)

Three of the beautiful cardboard punchout playsets produced during the early 1950s by  E.Joseph Cossman & Company of California. If anyone knows more about the playsets this company produced, please let me know. I'd love to find more of them.

oldmads.jpg (50285 bytes)

Some favorite Mad magazines from my collection, including the very 1st issue of the French version of Mad (upper left hand corner) from the Fall of 1965.

vintair01.jpg (80879 bytes)   westair01.jpg (58079 bytes) westair02.jpg (81905 bytes)

Vintage Airliner timetables and tickets from the 1950s.

(You certainly got your money's worth in printed matter when you bought a ticket from Western Airlines.)

oldcomics.jpg (49758 bytes) comicrak.jpg (47679 bytes) Classics Illustrated comic book rack -SOLD

A few vintage comic books from my way too large collection

groucho.jpg (21680 bytes)

I have a very small collection of autographs and this is my most prized possession. Yes, that's really Groucho's signature. Probably signed very late in his life, judging by the handwriting.

remcodrivein.jpg (28111 bytes)

One of my favorite childhood toys, the Remco Movieland Drive-in Theatre.

mainst.jpg (48492 bytes) - SOLD

A colorful cardboard cut-out city.

sandp.jpg (41492 bytes) plates.jpg (22284 bytes)

Yes, it's true. I collect salt and pepper shakers, and even a few plates!

Assorted Pop Up books

popgarage.jpg (35032 bytes)  An incredible British "pop up" book called GARAGE

Here's one for all you aging Rock 'n Rollers- The original Maestro Fuzztone ca.1967.- SOLD

fuzztone.jpg (28388 bytes)

Assorted cardboard punch-out gas station premiums from the '40s - '60s.

sinclairsta.jpg (31536 bytes) SOLD

husky.jpg (35121 bytes) SOLD

mobilcardboard.jpg (24334 bytes) SOLD

sohio.jpg (38642 bytes) -SOLD

standgame.jpg (32625 bytes) SOLD

sunocosta.jpg (23197 bytes) -SOLD

bakery1.jpg (20209 bytes) A fantastic punch-out Bakery toy from Pillsbury, late 1930s.

The Revell-O-Rama- Hidden Airstrip

buildset.jpg (34440 bytes) The Town and Country Building Set store display -SOLD

gpset.jpg (48067 bytes) The Kenner Girder and Panel set

kellycarwash.jpg (20457 bytes) Mr. Kellys Car Wash - SOLD

    vans1-1.jpg (29612 bytes) Cardboard trucks used for advertising - SOLD

The Bilt Rite Airport playset

Our vintage Barbie display

The Deluxe Reading Dashboard- Probably the only one I've ever seen with a straight, non-warped windshield.

The Deluxe Reading Jimmy Jet