Unbuilt Kits & Promos

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This page contains some of the many unbuilt kits and undetailed promotional models in my collection. Certain boxes however, are color copies of the real thing and are included in my collection more for the boxart than the actual kit inside.


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Kits I still have to build. I don't think I'm gonna make it.....

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The Kit Wall of Fame. I consider these to be some of the rarest kits in the world. (Some aren't so rare, but I love the old boxart.)

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This was the second version of the Wall of Fame in the museum location

photo023.jpg (89036 bytes) One of the first AMT gift sets (1953) -This item is for sale. Price $500. Inquire for details.

photo006.jpg (83086 bytes) The prototype box for the MPC '78 Monte Carlo kit which was never produced. (Courtesy Mark Mattei)- This item is for sale. Price $200. Inquire for details.

revplanes.jpg (50699 bytes) Big Bucks Revell Airplane kits                                                                                                  

palmer2.jpg (50083 bytes)palmer1.jpg (72598 bytes)palmer3.jpg (49918 bytes) englishford.JPG (35525 bytes) A Gallery of Palmer/Premier kits. Except for the wonderful boxart, and one or two ecxeptions, these kits are virtually worthless. Does anyone collect these besides me? 

3mercboxes.jpg (40723 bytes) Betcha didn't know there were three different boxes for the old 1/32nd scale '56 Mercury kit. Look closely at the boxes and you'll find quite a few differences between them.

66valiant.jpg (22436 bytes) A few Plymouth Valiants and Barracudas, including the extremely rare '66 Valiant promo (I've only seen one other one in my life). My intention is to detail all these models out, including the promos, much to the chagrin of collectors everywhere.

smallkit1.jpg (25366 bytes)smallkit2.jpg (33422 bytes) Worlds smallest model kits. These were produced by the My Merry Company in the late 1950s and apparently had Revell's cooperation judging by the accuracy of the boxes. There's even a cross-sell for the Cat in The Hat.                                                       

2monogift.jpg (34181 bytes) Two Monogram Christmas Gift Sets from the 1950s. 

vintageho.jpg (37666 bytes) A few vintage H.O. scale structures from my collection

indygiftpak.jpg (40419 bytes) Early '50s Indy 500 giftset by Best Models.-This item is for sale. Price $600. Inquire for details.

pinkpoison.jpg (27105 bytes) Here's what all the fuss was about. Back in the summer of 2000, when I designed the Blacktop Warriors series, I named this truck Mr.Deadwrench as a spoof on the GM Mr. Goodwrench character. Who could've known that Dale Earnhardt would be killed the following March at Daytona just as this kit was about to come out? The first batch of kits were packed and the decision was made to change the name to Pink Poison and all the kits had to be re-packed with the new box.

foreignkits.jpg (34342 bytes) A few samples of AMT, MPC and Revell kits as they were marketed in Britain and Mexico.  Mr. Gasser becomes Mr. Smog and the 1/25th '67 GTO is called a 1/24th kit.

11chevy.jpg (39524 bytes) The AMT/SMP 1911 Chevrolet, thought by many to be the rarest model kit ever produced. It was marketed more as a promotional item for Chevrolet's 50th anniversary than as a regular line model kit.

woodkits1.jpg (46685 bytes) woodkits2.jpg (49282 bytes) Just some great old kits from the very early days of modeling. These are a combination of plastic, balsa wood and vacuform models.

rcmp.jpg (35619 bytes) The MPC 1973 Chevrolet Caprice RCMP kit. This kit was only issued in Canada in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The kit has unique decals and specially engraved RCMP license plates in the the front and rear bumpers. (Special thanks to Luc Janssens on this one)

shelbycover2.JPG (32218 bytes) shelbycover.JPG (34617 bytes) Here's an interesting item I stumbled upon in a collection I recently purchased. The box end panel on the left is the standard kit name we've all known for years. But lo and behold, underneath a barely visible sticker is another title altogether. Apparently, AMT changed their mind about the title of the kit after the first run of boxes had already been printed.

gmctrkpromo.JPG (32742 bytes) A very unusal GMC truck promo from the early '50s. It appears to be made of brass or some other heavy metal.- SOLD

foreignasst.JPG (49018 bytes) A nice assortment of unusual foreign kits. These are supposedly all in 1/24th scale.

Assorted gift sets.