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Surprise, surprise!

A last minute booking for this Saturday, August 17th- head on down to Eastgate Café at 102 East Harrison St. in Oak Park for another

John Benischek/Dean Milano show.

We’ll be on around 7:00 and we will play until the audience runs out of silly requests and falls asleep.


You can never go home again- unless you get a gig there.

So, I’m heading back to Glen Ellyn to perform at the

Glen Ellyn Festival of the Arts

C’mon down to Lake Ellyn on August 24th, where I’ll be performing at 10:30 am with Jay Whitehouse and Russ Ward (another former Glen Ellynite).


Another club, another band! Oy-vay!

Saturday night, August 24th, I’ll be kickin’ out some tunes with my friend Tim Feil and his band Just Enuff at the Bradley American Legion Hall

835 W Broadway St  Bradley, IL 60915..


Straight ahead, 50s and 60s rock and roll!


So, here’s the scorecard:


Friday, Aug. 17th –  Eastgate Cafe- 7:00

Saturday, Aug.24th-  Glen Ellyn Festival of the Arts- 10:30 am

Saturday, Aug.24th-  Just Enuff- Bradley American Legion- 8:00



And that’s a wrap, so see ya there.





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